Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week of November 22, 2009

I have another extremely busy week ahead since I am attending a craft show next Saturday and am scrambling to make as many cards as I can to bring to the show to sell. This doesn't leave a lot of free time for cooking fancy meals, so I tried to plan a fairly simple week. I picked a couple recipes from the Kraft Canada website and hope they turn out well. The Layered Mexican Bake looks easy and contains ingredients all 3 Things like . . . we love our Mexican food here so hopefully this won't disappoint.

My plan is to start organizing my Christmas baking and truffle making in the next week or so, so I'm not doing it all at once. Wow, novel idea. The truffles were such a huge hit last year that I plan on giving them as gifts to everyone again this season. I'm also looking for a few new recipes to add to my baking list, just to spice things up a little. So if you know of any great family favourites, be sure to let me know.

Sunday: Frozen pizza
Monday: Cayenne-rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa
Tuesday: Black Bean Soup
Wednesday: Layered Mexican Bake
Thursday: Tuna Melts with Veggies
Friday: Easy Baked Cheese & Vegetable Twist
Saturday: Leftovers/Order In


Donna M said...

These are easy and delicious:

Tammi (Hayne's Her Weigh) said...

I made the Mexican Layered Bake a couple of weeks ago and we loved it. I froze some of the portions and it is just as good! I substituted cottage cheese for sour cream and it worked out great.