Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week of August 30, 2009

School starts tomorrow morning around these parts, and what better time to get back to reality and start planning my weekly menus again? Taking the summer off was exactly what I needed . . . we relaxed and cooked on the barbecue a lot, entertained with friends, ate cereal for supper occasionally, and thoroughly enjoyed all the local summer produce Ottawa has to offer.

But I am starting to miss my menu plans, and I know it will make grocery shopping and planning my week so much easier. Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be in school this year, going for the morning and coming home at lunch time. So I need to plan some new and interesting healthy lunches this year, as we will all be eating together. My other goal for this school year is to get back to basics a little bit and start cooking some simpler, kid-friendly meals. Nothing puts a damper on your evening like cooking something exciting and elaborate and having all three of your kids turn their noses up at it and not eat it. I really need to explore some new meals that are easy to make, yet tasty enough that all five of us will eat it.

Sunday: BBQ Ribs, Double Tomato Bruschetta, Cherry Tomato Salad
Monday: Quesadillas
Tuesday: Chicken in Light Sauce
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Thursday: Smoky Beef Tacos
Friday: Out of town
Saturday: Out of town

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